Monday, July 25, 2011

Hilarious Video

I hope you find this video as funny as Billy and I do!  I totally forgot we had shot this video right after Stephen came home from the hospital a few weeks ago and watched it last night at bedtime (I keep my Flip camera in Stephen's nursery to capture fun little moments).  We must have watched it a dozen times; each time funnier than the last.  I find the cat paws and muscle flexing especially funny.  Unfortunately, it's at Stephen's expense, but hopefully one day he'll find it really funny too!!  Enjoy!

p.s.  Now that I finally figured out how to upload videos, hopefully I'll get some more posted soon.


  1. I love that boy! Too cute!!!

  2. OMG Lindsey that is just too cute!! 'Can't wait to show it to Uncle Dick. We had a wonderful time with your folks in Dayton--I took your Mom to Jungle Jim's and she loved it!! The air show was great albeit extremely hot--the beer and drinks at the Texas Road House cooled things down and we all forgot how much we suffered in the heat.
    So glad to see that SUPERMAN is feeling better and flexing his muscles! You are all in our daily thoughts and prayers....
    Aunt LuAnn

  3. Linds - It brings me so much joy to see you all having a great time and laughing. Let the good times roll!!! Love, Colleen

  4. This video is awesome! I think about Stephen every day. I always worry and pray for him, so it was just great to see a beautiful, happy "regular-old" baby boy. Enjoy him, and keep making him laugh.